William’s dream

  • Scene: Children
  • Performance type: Puppet show
  • Duration: 74 minutes
  • Premiere: 20.6.2018
  • Age: 7+

Adaptation of plays, choreography and directing: Krenare Nevzati - Keri

Every night just before bedtime the mother and her son William, have their own ritual. The ritual is that they talk about all that has happened the day before. One day William reveals that he has a fear of tomorrows school play. William and his friends have to act out, one comical scene from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, and William has doubts whether he is prepared to act out his lines. Further problems are present, when not only is the whole school going to be there but Julia, the girl who William has a crush on, will also be present. His mother encourages and supports William, so that she can remove his insecurities. William soon falls asleep. Within the shining grasp of the crescent moon, William let’s go within the adventures of the dream.

William has visions of the characters within the play he is supposed to play in. His friends,  Julia,  and the other characters within Shakespeare’s play. William doesn’t know whether this is a dream or real life. At the same time his mother, also had strange dreams. Talking to William, they both understand that the night was magical. That night is the equinox, where all the miracles happen, and everybody is swindled, by the seductive Luna, as if they were dreaming with open eyes. Everything is on the thin lines of reality and dream. William gets his courage back for the play, and as if, through one night he suddenly grew up.

William’s dream” depicts the infinite game between reality and dream, fantasy and actuality, the world through the eyes of children and the world through the eyes of adults. The most in-depth questions and dilemmas that make a person an individual, is the basis for a civilized, humane, empathic and ecologically conscious society.

Costume design

Barbara Cvejikj – Riv


Krenare Nevzati - Keri

Video animation and photography

Emil Petro

Assistant costume designer

Aleksandra Mladenovikj

Assistant choreographer

Bojan Lazarov

Music selection

Krenare Nevzati - Keri


FaLang translation system by Faboba

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